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Selling Tips for the extra Diabetic Testing trips in your Storage

If you are a diabetic you need to constantly monitor your blood sugar to live life that is stress free. To aid in this every diabetic is advised to have a kit for testing their blood sugar so that they can be sure that they are living well. Diabetic s will buy different brands of testing kit when they are trying to settle for favorite and the rest are either discarded or left to amass dust.

Being that the shelf life of these kits is very short you will have to discard them eventually. The fact is that these items come at a cost . As much as any diabetic would love to have a testing kit to help with monitoring of their blood sugar most can’t due to a number of reasons such as not having insurance low incomes. There are organizations that have taken it upon themselves to provide the diabetics with their necessities. You can join in and help a person with diabetes if you have testing strips that are yet unopened and still good to use.

A diabetes person will accumulate the strips saving them for when they will experience a shortage but at times those which is saved becomes extra much to the point that you can’t use it. You don’t have to throw good strips for testing diabetes away no more, you can be helping a person desperately in need and make some money on the side as well. In an instance where a diabetic member of the family has moved into a care facility or has passed on you will might be left with a lot of supplies with no use for them. In nutshell circumstances that leave you with a lot of strips maybe more than you or the diabetic family member needs. If you are the owner of the extra diabetic kits you will not be breaking any law if you sold them to other people.

Even if the boxes come marked as not for sale you can still sell them just not through a retailer it has to be through the hands of the owner. When selling through there are some things to keep in mind as obvious as they may sound. Buyers will be very strict with what you are selling, they want a product that has the seal in place any tampering with means that it’s a product that you can’t really trust. Some brands will also not sell that much compared to others . Expiration will matter a lot when selling diabetic testing strips, check to see that that have some sufficient time before they expire, the reasonable time will be around six months from the time that you are purchasing them.

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